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HD Wooden Wheels


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HD Pneumatic Wheels


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Single Tree & Trace Keepers


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Dash & Rail


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Synthetic Patent Leather Trim


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More Foot Room


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Without Dash & Trim


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Whip Holder (option)


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3M Non-Slip Floor (option)


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"No Flats" - Made in USA!



Comfort & Style   ...an unforgettable ride !



Wooden Cart


"We have been researching and testing carts for many years.  We wanted a lightweight cart with a wide wheel base for safety, a sturdy build, better suspension,  comfortable roomy seat, something showy for competition & pleasure.  We are happy to say we have it!  Our carts meet all our requirements plus has many other wonderful features.  We love it, and we know you will too!"




Here's what makes the difference!

  • Quality American Made w/ Pride

  • Popular Easy Entry Design

  • Real Hardwoods

  • More Foot Room (Compared to Similar Designs)

  • Well-Balanced Ride (Adjustable Axle)

  • Elliptical Spring Suspension (Reduces Bumps and Jarring)

  • Extra Deep Comfy Seat (Mini 15"x35", Pony 15"x38")

  • Seat Colors (Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Pink)

  • Amish Made Shafts (Mini 49", Pony 58")

  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Wheels

  • Solid "No Flat" / "No Worries" Tires ($49 upgrade)

  • Synthetic Patent Leather Trim ($79 upgrade)

  • Dashboard w/ Rein Rail ($99 upgrade)

  • 3M Non-Slip Floor (Mini $29, Pony $39 upgrade)  New!

  • Excellent Quality, Affordability & Versatility

  • An Investment You & Your Horse will Enjoy for Years!

  • Easy Instructions (Assembly & Care)

  • Options (Cart Covers, Wooden Wheels, Whip & Holder, SMV Sign,

  • Sleigh Runners, Team Pole, Cart Hitch)

*Please note options are available, but not included in prices below.




Mini "A" Cart w/ 20" Pneumatic Tires   $799   Click here to request a Sample Invoice!

Mini "B" Cart w/ 24" Pneumatic Tires   $849   Click here to request a Sample Invoice!

Pony Cart w/ 26" Pneumatic Tires           $999   Click here to request a Sample Invoice!  






Elliptical Springs Verses Coil Springs:

This is the most comfortable ride we have ever had in a easy entry cart, its like riding on clouds!  Once you try it you wont ever want to back to those standard little coil springs under the seats.  Unlike traditional coil springs under a seat, our elliptical springs are mounted between the axel and the cart frame.  This gives the whole cart a cloud like ride and not just the driver.  It is also offers a smoother ride and alleviates unwanted vertebral pressure on your horse as he has less difficult bumps to navigate through.  We have really enjoyed the benefits of Elliptical springs on our carts and we know you will too!














Availability, prices, and products are subject to change without notice.